Follow the line of some of England’s best-preserved medieval Town Walls and step back in history to find out more about Southampton’s Old Town. 

This series of places guides you around the encircling walls to reveal the events and people who have shaped our city, from the medieval merchant John Wytegod to WFG Spranger, the nineteenth century saviour of Tudor House. We recommend you start the Walk at the Bargate, the historic entrance to the medieval town, but you can begin at any point.

The Old Town has over 90 listed buildings and more than 30 ancient monuments, with medieval wine vaults, an array of medieval churches, and fine Georgian houses and hotels. All this and a view of the waterfront, where ships continue the sea-going tradition of Southampton.

The Old Town Walk is one of several features you can enjoy in this part of Southampton. In addition to Tudor House and Garden (www. there is also the Medieval Merchant’s House at 58 French Street (limited opening; for information) .